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Kick Scoot


Our own brand! Our electric “kick scoot” is great for getting around fast. Designed to fold for easy storage or lugging around. Has an easily removable battery that can be swapped out in a second! (extra batteries available!)

- Easily removed Lithium Ion battery

- 8.5” air tires for a soft ride

- LED Head light and tail light are integrated for safe visibility.

- 36V and 350watts of power on the motor.

- 12 mile range on a single charge

- Folding device lets you fold and carry in 3 seconds.

- 18 mph top speed

- Regenerative braking in front wheel



City Scooter


Our own brand! Our electric “City Scooter” is great for commuting quickly and safety. Equipped like a real scooter, our City Scooter has lights, suspension, storage and an alarm system! Check out all the modern upgrades:

- 1000 watt motor for a powerful punch off the line.

- Top speed: 25 MPH

- 20 amp hour battery for long range!

- 40 mile range per charge

- Alarm system locks the rear wheel during a theft attempt!

- Functional pedals optional, if you want them!

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Sprint - Black

Featuring bullet headlight and late 70’s decals. Black on black details for a sleek appearance.

30 MPH - 130 miles per gallon

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Sprint - Ivory

Featuring chrome headlight and fenders, spoke wheels and whitewall tires. Classic look with modern reliability.

30 MPH - 130 miles per gallon

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Racing TT

Aggressive styling with modern frame geometry. Featuring a mono shock, wide mag wheels and front disc brake.

30 MPH - 130 miles per gallon *kick start or pedal start